Current Projects

* 100% of your donation goes to back the cause at hand. None of your donations are used to pay salaries. Everyone that works with Matumaini's Mission are volunteers.

Purchase a bed for only $60

Most people especially children sleep on the floor. Some are lucky enough to get a mat between them and the dirt, but most sleep directly on the dirt. A bed will not only bring comfort but better hygiene and less sickness.

Purchase sewing maching for $150

We work with a group of widows in the village of Gahara, they each go through a training to create items that they can sell at market. Once they graduate from this program they are set on their own to create a living. A sewing machine donated to a graduate will ensure she has the tools she needs to become more self reliant.

Provide Children with these two necessary items...

Our kids are in need of these two items. In Africa these are essential to life and hygiene. They collect water, wash dishes, and bathe. If you'd like to purchase two items for your sponsored child it's only $15 for both items.


Donate to a sustainable water source

The only current water source is nearly 2 miles straight up and down a mountain. ‚Äč Our goal is to provide a well, and pump in the village where water can become easily accessible. Water means life, and life for these people and these children would change dramatically if they had access to a clean water source. Our goal is to raise $15000 to install this.

Support the local football team (soccer)

Currently the village and school have a football team. They are known by others as "the street kid team" They walk miles just to play the game against other schools and villages. When they show up they play in their bare feet because they have no cleats or even tennis shoes to compete with. They have no jerseys, but they have a love for the game. It costs $900 to fund the team for the year. Help us continue to fund the team and provide them with the necessary equipment needed to participate.

Purchase footballs for the local football team

Sponsor solar project

There is no electricity in the village currently. Many huts do not have windows which makes it nearly impossible to see inside, even during the day. We would love to install a solar light on each home.

School playground project

The school is nothing more than rooms with desks. We would love to add a playground to the school and playground equipment.